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AC Belt Replacement

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Good Morning ...  I was hoping that someone might have some insight on replacing the AC belt .  We have a 2005 Dynasty and I have been trying to figure out how to get the compressor loosened up to change the belt ..  It looks like there is a nut and a bolt that attaches to the mounting bracket but for the life of me I can not figure out how to loosen everything up ...  The more I look at it the more frustrated I get ..  I thought that there was a write up somewhere in the documents but I can't find that either ..  Any yelp would be appreciated.

Thank you 


2005 Dynasty w/ 2019 Wrangler in Tow

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Hi Mike,

There probably is/might be  is a belt tensioner. If so, there will be a 3/8 or 1/2 hole in the bracket in which you can place a socket wrench handle to rotate it just enough to remove and replace the belt, and therefore no need to loosen or remove the compressor.


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You didn't say if the belt was an old V type or a newer serpentine but I have a 2003 Beaver with an ISC 350. It has a V type belt. There is no adjustment on the compressor. Have looked and looked over the years. My belt is long enough that you can get it around the larger pully and then "roll" it onto the compressor. Seems wrong but have found no other way. I was in the trucking business for 45 years with my own truck and have never understood how these motorhome  people can do some of the things they do.

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