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generator 2003 Windsor 7500 Onan not starting


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Never use ether with a diesel engine to avoid piston damage and piston melting due to the high compression ration of diesel engines.

Onan fuel filters are small and clog easily.  Replace the Onan fuel filter first then prime the fuel filter by turning over the starter in 15 second increments with a 1-2 minute starter rest time between increments for a total time of ~120 seconds

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I would bet the glow plugs are not working. In cold weather I will let mine pre-heat before turning over as it does normally but will stop short of letting it turn over after the first pre-heat. I then push the start button again and it seems the additional heat works well.

There is likely a fuse that supplies power to the glow plugs and needs to be checked of course. 

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How cold is it where you are at??

Agree with both of the above, especially the ether. 

X2 on the doing the preheat several times before tying to start. 

If that doesn't work you may have check your glow plugs, my manual shows a 25 amp fuse for the glow plug circuit under the access panel at the start button area.  The fuse would be the first thing I'd check!!!!

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Mine was a clogged fuel filter. Very hard to start.  Also, noticed it would stall under heavy load. Figured it was fuel starvation. New filter solved the problem. Now in addition to Amzoil additive,  I'm using a fuel biocide as well.  Pops right off every time hot or cold now.

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