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I had a propane dealer make me a hose with the proper fittings to connect a small tank to the RV filler connector. 

If your usage is too fast for the small tank to afford, causing it to freeze, you can usually slowly tip the small tank over so it will deliver liquid propane to the RV tank.


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Went down with a full tank last winter. Cooked inside and out with it all winter, almost 6 months, came back with 3/4 tank.

If I had needed any they deliver to the campground on certain days. 

Edited to add:

Fill it up before you go. The delivered propane at our place is pretty expensive.

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Depending on your tank size and if you don’t use it frequently for heating your coach I agree with FishAR. Most all RV Parks realize their guests will need LP and where we stay post certain days of the week or month when the LP truck will be in the Park and you can signup for a delivery on that day. It is VERY Expensive, between $5-$6 a gallon

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I really don't know how long  i can go on a full tank. My expected use is cooking only unless it gets cold and I need my furnace. I have an onboard 38 gal tank.

Thanks for all the great advise. I will make sure I am full before parking on site. 

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