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Velvac mirror turn signal

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I have the 3 mirror Velvac mirrors and they work fine as far as being able to adjust all 3 mirrors. The 2006 Monaco Dynasty brochure says “Triple head Chrome exterior mirrors with turn indicator lights”. There are no amber lights on the mirror arms like I have seen on some so I was wondering if it’s supposed to be on the mirror face (led). The reason I ask is I saw a Monaco Dynasty driving by me on the highway about the same year and the turn signal indicator was on the mirror face in the glass. When I turn my turn signals on there is no lights on my mirrors so is both my mirrors broken? Just wondering what everyone else’s mirrors do.


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My 06 Dynasty Countess III has the small amber turn signal mounted to the front bottom of each mirror arm.

If you are missing those then is it possible that your 06 Dynasty was built early in the model year or maybe, they just forgot to add them. Makes no sense as my 02 Windsor had the amber turn signal mounted to the front bottom of the original Velvac mirrors that came from the factory. So, I am really surprised that your 06 Dynasty doesn't have them.

I removed the Velvac mirror from the Windsor then sold them to a Monacoers member. I then installed Ramco three mirror fully remote and heated with LED turn signals in the middle large mirror plus In-Vue Cameras in the lower small mirror. I actually like the Ramco mirrors far better than the Velvac mirrors.

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