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2002 Signature Livingroom Horizontal Slide-out adjustment?

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My 2002 Monaco Signature living room/kitchen slide out room is out of horizontal adjustment.  This has caused my recently replaced slide seal to get pulled off the channel strip in the area at the top corner side of the rear slide room opening.  I have tried to put the seal back on several times but there is just not enough clearance around the top corner vertical area to get it pushed onto the rail. The slide room seems tilted and to have shifted back about a half an inch towards the upper rear corner of the coach.  When moving the room in and out, the aft slide lock pushes the slide seal off the channel. The clearance at the top area and corner of the vertical opening has just enough room for the slide lock mechanism to pass through, but but no room for the slide seal.  When looking at the slide room from inside the coach, the aft part of the room (towards the back of the coach) is closer (almost dragging) on the floor compared the front side the side behind the drivers seat.  I suspect the problem could be caused by the support under the aft roller to be lower and causing the upper area along the aft vertical wall to be closer at the top?

So the seal gets pushed in and off when opening/closing.  It's a mess and makes the coach unusable at this time as even when the room is closed it does not seal properly.

I'm looking for advice on what to do, and if this is something I can possibly repair myself or find a qualified repair business to do the job? I believe the slide out mechanism is an HWH.  It's a hydraulic system but haven't found any drawings or info on how it works, repairs, etc.

I would like to get this repaired at Talin RV in Brooksville, Florida as they are only a couple of hours away.  However the problem is they are booked into March or April. 

Thank You,

John J

2002 Monaco Signature


JJ-Slide out seal issue 2002 Signature.jpg

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