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Daily Digest suggestions


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Hi Scotty and all, 

I'm enjoying the daily digests, but have a couple suggestions about them:

  • Group the posts by topic.  Sometimes a topic gets busy but I'm not interested in it, but there could be several posts scattered among the other.  It would be nice to be able to skip/skim over that subject and get onto the others quicker, rather than encountering it again and again.
  • Photos are not working in the email.  The images on the site and in the digests are blank by default, and then use some JS magic to do lazy loading of the images.  This doesn't work in the emails, and just show a large blank area the size of the original image.  You should either fix the email to omit the images, or fix the img src to be the real images and not the spacer.

Other than that, I'm glad the digests are back, it does keep me more interested in the site.


Jason Reich.

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Thanks Jason.  Great suggestions.

- The newsletter app developer is working on grouping by topic, but she says this will be several weeks.  I’ve attempted to modify the scripts, but realized quickly that I’m not a programmer.  We will have this, but I’ll have to wait on the developer to add this feature.

-I’ll check on the picture loading.  I’ve noted this also.  I wonder if turning off the lazy loading (thats an option) of pictures on the site will correct this??

I’m always open to ideas; if you are knowledgeable in these areas I’ll accept any help I can get!!  


PS - I turned off lazy loading of images.  We’ll see if that helps the newsletter.  If not, I’ll turn it back on later...

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Hi Scotty, I think disabling the lazy loading would probably help with future digests, but can't be sure.  The image data-src is a scheme-less URL; if that is what is used in the normal src tag it would likely work in web-based email viewers like gmail, but may not work in full email clients like outlook.  But that's just a guess.

I'm a software engineer, but more on embedded and mobile technologies, but I've dabbled in web stuff from time to time.

hope that helps,

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Scotty, yup, worked for me.   Looked at the source and it all looks good (the other problem with the URL isn't there).  Hope you can get the topic grouping going, let me know if I can help.

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