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Replace Dash AC

Eddy B

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My dash heater core has popped before and I took it apart, fixed reassembled, installed and it still barely did anything (moved any air, provided heat, defrost action...). In the last run of the season, it has popped again and I am not looking forward to the same exercise again for little to no gain.

I am considering replacing the AC/Heat system as a whole, with a new unit from Vintage Air -> https://www.vintageair.com/builder-series/?subcat1=Gen IV Magnum

Of course all the engine area components as well, but I was thinking of ordering the mock-up front unit and taking the dash out of the RV to verify fitment (find it hard to believe that it wouldn't fit)

Has anyone already done this or ruled it out for some reason?


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Before you go thru all that work of trying to find a compleat heater ac unit concider this, have you looked to see what might be causing that. Perhaps it could be something such as electroless. If it is it wouldnt matter if you put 100 heater cores in there, they would all do the same thing, fail. I used to see it ALOT on the crown victoria police cars, once we took the heater hoses off the inside of the tubes would be blackish wit what looked like worms were tryin to eat the inside of the tubes.Ford used to talk about how to measure it then stop it, the only way for us to battle it was to use a heater core made from brass. 
No matter what you find it sounds like you have discovered the syptom, but not the cause or the repair. 

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Our dash AC/heat has never worked in the 2 diesel pushers we've owned. Running the genny with heat pump or A/C works great for the temps we encounter. I'm pretty sure that my Cummins manual says it's more economical to operate the genny with overhead A/C than the engine driven unit. No idea on the heat. 

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