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2002 Monaco Signature General 45


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2002 Monaco Signature General 45
VIN: 1RF12071021015858
73,000 miles.
Cummins ISM 500 Hp engine, plenty of power for those Rocky Mountain passes.
Allison 4000 MH 6 speed World transmission.
190 gallon fuel tank.
Full air suspension for smooth ride.
Good tires all around with no cracking.
2 Slides
360 view camera system with separate backup camera.
Motorcycle carrier, it will carry your full dress Harley
10,000 LB tow hitch
Toad attachment.
Onan 12.5Kw generator with 3312 hours.
Bose stereo
KVH TracVision A9 Satellite receiver.
AquaHot furnace.
3 roof heat pump / air conditioners.
Beautiful cherry cabinets.
Clean title.
Medical issues force me to sell my beautiful motor home.

I am in New Hampshire.

















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4 hours ago, On_the_road said:

I noticed that the brochure for 2002 only goes up to 42' in the specifications table.   I went out and measured from the front axle to the tag axle and got 28' 6" or 342".   It is 24' 10" or 298" to the drive axle.


Here is the brochure and the window sticker for my Monaco.

02Signature.pdf 1.48 MB · 6 downloads Monaco_Signature_window_sticker.pdf 52.23 kB · 10 downloads

Thanks. I thouhgt it was 297".  Here is a link for the 2000 Model you have. Very simular spec

s.  https://www.monacocoach.com/resources/media/user/1469214020_brc_pdf.pdf

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I could be off by 1 inch on the wheelbase.   There are a few differences between my 2002 and the 2000 that I can see from the brochure.   My engine has a Jake break and not an exhaust brake.   There is a switch to have the Jake break operate on 3 valves or on 6 valves.   That changes the breaking force.    I believe that it also has a transmission retarder.  


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FWIW before this coach we owned an 99 Endeavor with a cat eng.  My manual also mentioned a transmission retarder, I got excited looking for it so I asked Freightliner ( my chasssis ) .  I showed them my manual, they scratched their heads & said they had never seen nor heard of one..   IRCC it is an impeller in a chamber inside the trans, when filled with oil it becomes a powerful brake, & generates massive amounts of heat.                                     

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I was wondering the same a while back because I have a retarder relay that was giving me a code, in the FRB, it is controlled by ABS ECU but I never actually found its function as we have no retarder but it does connect to Alisson ECM. Also the driveshaft would be even much shorter than it is already in our 40'. Could be doable in 45' coach.

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Monaco never installed a Transmission Retarder in any of the Monaco Brand Models.

I have a Transmission Retarder installed in my Foretravel ih-45. I have a lever on the drivers side console to choose up to Six Levels of braking. There is a rocker switch to turn it on just behind the lever. When turned on the Retarder will automatically be activated to what ever level you have selected by the Toggle Lever when you take your foot of the Accelerator Pedal. If you have Level 6 selected you best have your seat belt fastened tight or you might Kiss the windshield.

According to Cummins and Allison you cannot have a transmission retarder and an engine brake installed together. You can have one or the other not both.

I have attached a picture of the Cockpit from my ih-45.

On the Drivers Side console to the left of the drivers seat you can see the lever and the rocker switch that activates the Retarder.


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