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Kongsberg Chassis Multiplex System Part two

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I wish I was coming here with fabulous news about the Kongsberg system fix.......BUT I AM NOT. 

I thought I was on my way to a permanant solution, but that ran aground hard. So back to the drawing board. I have either looked at or talked to any and everyone I can find in the US and Canada in search of a fix if we lose a component of the Kongsberg system. Yes I said a component becasue losing one piece might as well be losing the entire system as I did. I will continue to hunt as I am positive there is a fix out there. Will it be cost feasible, beats me. But what I can tell you is that if you lose this system you are the proud owner of an anchor as of now.

Wish I had better news, but I don't. 

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32 minutes ago, vito.a said:

Has anyone tried to retrofit an RV VIP Smartwheel system?

It was used through the 2008 model production.  

Not sure I am understanding the question. the VIP Smart wheel is still in production and use. When Monaco made a move to the Kongsberg multiplex they deleted the smartwheel module and tied it in with the CCM, but other than that the Smart wheel has been and is still in production. 


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The smart wheel functions are programmed into the CCM module.  The same SmartWheel inputs that went to the old SmartWheel module now feed directly to the CCM.  Outputs from the old SmartWheel module now come from the CCM module.

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Brett, I cannot imagine the frustration you are going through! Fortunately my 08 HR Navigator is an early 08…No Konsburg. I’ve tried to warn people to reconsidering buying a rig with the chassis multiplex and a ISX engine. At least the valve issue has a $25K solution when it breaks unlike your situation.

While this may look like a nightmare, boards and relays are available plus everything is well marked… most can work on it. 


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