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Battery Cables


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We are heading to Quartzsite in our Bluebird at the end of the month. Our Dynasty needs some new battery cables.  Good quality parts are hard to get and expensive in Mexico so I want to make a list of what I need. I have a  Hydraulic Crimper and some cables from a previous job. It is the 6 volt units that need new cables. From the factory it has 4/0 for the cables that go to the cutoff switches. But the cables between the batteries are smaller. I think they are 1/0. My wiring diagrams show them as all 4/0. We have 8- 6 volt batteries. I think that because the short cables do not carry much current they went to a smaller cable. I would make them all 4/0 but I do not know if they would bend that tight. The short ones are only 6 inches long. Would 1/0 or maybe 2/0 be sufficient? Thanks

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Electrical your 4/0 load is divided into four 12v batteries- so a smaller cable would work. (Which is why Monaco probably did that).

on my rig with four 6v I had 2/0 for the interconnection. 

I would go with the largest wire you can easily work with - 2/0 or 1/0…. If you could do it with 4/0 - I would use that. All the interconnections need to be the same length and size. 

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Sure, 4/0 would certainly be “better” ,  but for the short battery interconnects it’s overkill. Monaco used 4/0 because the cable runs are very long, not because we need the full 445a capacity of 4/0.

The interconnects are very short and only carry 1/2 the total current anyway. So they contribute only a tiny portion of the total circuit resistance. 
1/0 is rated for 285a and is more than enough for what you’re doing. Use 2/0 if it makes you feel better. 
I’d probably make up the cables from 4/0 rather than buying more suitable materials if that’s all I had on hand, but it’s sure stiff and hard to work with. 


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