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Suggestions on washer dryer combo.


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We happen to have an appliance place right down the street from where we're currently parked. The owner's pretty cool. He has a brand new combo unit on a scratch and dent pricing situation. There's a small Mark in the bottom corner in the front that's never going to be seen when it gets inside of my cabinet.


I've never heard of the brand though so I thought I'd make a post here and see if anybody had any thoughts.

Brace yourself. Here it comes:


Equator Advance Appliances

Super combo 4400 N

Has anyone ever heard of this brand? And if so do you know anything about it? It's brand new never been plugged in and it is about half the price of Splendide. I actually liked it it has real knobs and real buttons. I was told once by an appliance guy that all these new units that have touchscreens and non-tactile buttons and switches just end up being more problems than they're worth. (Not that I run the machine all that much) but I am the one that's responsible for getting the old one out and putting the new one back in.  😆😆

Any insight you might have would be greatly appreciated.






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We bought an Equator 6 months ago for our coach replacing the Splendide. Works great and seems to be a more modern design electronically. The only issue we had was a little water sometimes comes out of the detergent tray when it is calling for soap. We adjusted the tilt of the unit back some to help the issue.

2006 Camelot

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So how much is this Equator? Me I would go with the Splendide I have the 20yr old original unit and very pleased with it. Not sure what has been done to it before me, but I have put two new hot & cold fill valves on it. Clean the the valve strainers once a yr if you use it a fair amount. 

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