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Heated water hose

Dave Pumphrey

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I keep seeing people talking about heated water hoses lately. 
That might make the hose ok, but does not do anything for either end, or the supply line it is hooked to. Those hydrant faucets that have the lever on top, have a rod going down below the freeze line, & turn the water off there, & also open a valve at the bottom to allow the water to drain out of the above ground part.
This won't happen if a hose is left connected to it, as it won't allow air in to let the water drain. This is why most campgrounds that are open in winter tell you to unhook hose for freezing temperatures. You will be responsible for the cost to replace it. Just fill your internal tank, & unhook the hose.

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Very true unhooking the hose is an important step. Just overnight is the most important. You can hook back up in the morning while the sun is out. Unless it is really cold. My last house had great freeze proof exterior faucets. However, I forgot to disconnect the hose. The residual water in the hose froze and cracker the faucet. Fortunately it only leaked when the faucet was turned on.

Last winter trip in Wyoming we followed the procedure and disconnected through the night and reconnected in the morning. Saved us any issues and was not a problem as our tank was full and the coach was well heated throughout the night. We also dripped the faucets to make us feel better. Temperature was in the single digits through the night.

Freezing lines are no joke. They sneak up on you and wreak havoc when the melt.

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I agree with all of that. However, I have been to campgrounds where the faucets have heat tape on them which makes it possible to use the heated hose. I find it's not worth the trouble though unless you're in for a long stay where it's very cold. Then you can add a heat tape to the hydrant or if you turn it of at night you don't have to put water hose away but just turn it back on in the morning.

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