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1999 Dynasty Air Fitting Component and Air Line Identification and Questions

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Long-time learner, recent new owner of a 99 Monaco Dynasty 40'.  As we are getting acquainted, I noticed an unconnected air fitting - which is going to this component.  It is located on the passenger side of the engine, adjacent to the air filter.  What is this component and what does it do?









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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to 1999 Dynasty Air Fitting Component and Air Line Identification and Questions

Have you chased the line BACK and see where it goes.  If it is NEAR the Air Filter, wonder if it is the pressure differential line that goes to the "Air Filter" monitor.  I am NOT an expert at the older units....can barely understand mine.  BUT, there is usually an air line that runs to a monitor or a pop up device....that tells you the filter is getting clogged or needs servicing.

Following the airline BACK to it's origin would be very helpful.  AND/OR

Getting a closer shot of the "small black thingie with the yellow label" (in my wife's vernacular) in the top photo sure would be helpful....

That's it for me....

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It's hard to tell exactly but in the second photo there is what appears to be a 90° elbow fitting pointed downward with nothing connected on the left side of the govern. I would start there first. Where ever it goes it's been disconnected for awhile based on all the dirt at both locations. Make sure your clean everything thoroughly inside and before and after you take stuff about. While identifying a replacement governor research how they are plumbed and if necessary trace the disconnected air hose. Hope this helps

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You could try to locate the other end by connecting an air compressor to it.   The other end should be obvious.  

I have a bunch of air lines hanging unconnected like this near my airbags.   I assume that those lines have a leak somewhere, and it is easier to run a new line than to try to find the leak.

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Awesome.  Thanks to everyone for your assistance - I recognize several of you from other posts.  Very talented group on this site to be sure. 

After quite a bit of pondering and tracing plastic loom cover, the mystery red line appears to connect to the air filter minder.  Should be pretty straight forward from here.  And on another positive note - I followed some other advice to whack the one-way. valve on my aqua hot for a non-functioning zone.  Worked well.  I'm two for two today!

Again, heartfelt thanks to everyone.  Have a great New Year.

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12 hours ago, Kevin Schitoskey said:

- I'm confident there is a male threaded connection somewhere along the enormous air filter housing...

Kevin if you are looking for the other end of the filter minder connection it will not be on the filter housing but on the exit piping of the filter that goes to the turbo inlet.  

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