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CAPS pump source

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It appears I need a new CAPS pump as it appears to be the source of fuel getting into the oil. . Other than purchasing a new one from Cummins has anyone found another source they were satisfied with. I am lookong at BK Diesel and The Diesel store for a rebuilt one. Anyone have experience with either one.

Frank O 

01 Endeavor

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Frank O, what makes you sure of this? What testing was done to diagnose? I'm not an expert on this but it sounds like a possible drastic diagnosis that may not be correct and you might discover you have spent a bundle of money and not fixed your originalp roblem.


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Diesel in oil is a sure fire symptom of failed seal between the sections of the pump. 

I’ve taken parts of my pump off to fix a leak, and will be taking the distributor off the pump rear this spring and replace it.

In all honesty, I’d buy a pump from China off Alibaba.com. You could buy 2-3 of them for the price at retail stores, and I would almost bet that they buy them from China as well 

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When I lost my pump a year ago this past November I ended up buying a factory rebuilt from Cummings. $4500. Cummings used to sell the injection pump in three different pieces because the last piece on the back of the pump is what normally would fail. After allowing people to buy so many of those parts for anywhere from $300-$450 Cummings decided only to sell the complete pump from there on obviously making a lot more money. This information came from a 20 year Cummings to mechanic.


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