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2005 Dynasty Hydraulic Pump Leak

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Hi Gang:

A couple of weeks ago I asked for help on my hydraulic pump leak.  I got a great response from several members and I thank  you very much.

I have a Sauer Danfoss pump numbered C45.0/20.5L  36844159160.

Sauer sold the assets of Danfoss to Dynamatics Hydraulics.

I talked to Gordon at Advanced Fluid Sysytems, 763 607 7628 who provided me with a new part number, 550136844159160.

He said he could get the pump in 2-3 weeks and the price was between $700 and $800.

I found a used on at Visone Components for $1100.

I decided to get a seal kit from REV for $259 (I know, I know the price was hiway robbery) but it will be delivered this Tuesday

I checked with my mechanic and he recommended a local hydraulic shop that can do the repair.

I want to thank everyone for all your help, this is truly a great site.

George Brennan

2005 Dynasty Diamond IV

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If the pump is not buildable here is a link to the Whitehouse Products website that has the pump.  https://www.whitehouseproductsltd.com/products/hydraulic-pumps/hyd-gear-pump/non-standard-dynamatic-gear-pumps/dynamatic-no-550-1-36844-159-160?returnurl=/SearchResults&s=550136844159160&pn=1&ps=24&lm=grid_template&b=true#jump

You have to create an account to be able to see the price. 

But when I bought a Thermovalve from them ~7 years ago they were substantially cheaper then other sources even with the shipping and the foreign exchange fee. 

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3 hours ago, sailorp40 said:

The problem is I am trying to get South in a couple of weeks and don't have the time to wait for it to come from England.

Without knowing what exactly is wrong with you pump it might be prudent to have a backup plan.

These pumps are pretty simple, they are gear pumps and have seals on the drive shafts, it could be a simple seal kit change will fix it.   But it could be a bad gear system or shaft, won't know until it is torn down.  Odds are a seal kit can fix it. 

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