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I need a brake signal relay

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Looks like mouser.com has them.  https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Omron-Electronics/G8VL-1A4T-R-L-DC12?qs=GLD16PGLtAFaylWIH8RDsA%3D%3D

Looks like they are out of stock after second look.    Sorry.  But another site offering the replacement part  https://layingaround.com/g8vl1a4trldc12-g8vl-1a4t-rl-relay-automotive-spst-20a-12v-replacment-offered/

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As you have discovered from your research, your part is obsolete and no longer available.  Generally, but not always, there is a substitute part that will work.  I did a brief search, but was not able to find a substitute online. I would suggest trying to contact Omron (the manufacturer) or DigiKey or Mouser (2 large electronic distributors) to see if they can identify a suitable replacement.  Good luck.



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My 07 Diplomat should be very similar to your Knight. It uses small relays that are the same as the small SPST relays used in later model GM autos. Here are some pictures of the relays in my rear run panel. I suspect these would work for you and they should be available at any auto parts store. 



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