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Newsletter Delivery & Cox.net

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The switch to the new mail servers has gone extremely well, and I believe a lot of members are now getting emails from the site who haven't received them in quite some time.  The lone exceptions are members with an email address @cox.net. (We have 14 of y'all, because every time the site send out an email I get 14 bounce notices from cox.net 🤣)

Cox.net has blocked all email from Monacoers.org.  I have a trouble ticket in with their tech support; however it would be helpful if one of their customers reached out to tech support and requested they release the block.

If your email is other than cox.net and you are NOT receiving emails from the site, please send me a private message and I'll check into it.


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Scotty, many thanks for keeping this site up and running!! As an owner of our first motor home we are so grateful for your efforts and those of the members of monacoers. I hope to be able to pay it back as I become more familiar with our rig.

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