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Owners Manual for pre 2000 Diplomat 38A

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I'm picking up (I hope) my new (to me) MH tomorrow. There are a multitude of issues with it, all electrical, that I am confident I can correct once I get it home. 

My problem, the current owner can not find the factory owners manual for it. I've looked online but can't find one older than 2000 model year. I've seen that one, for 2000, and it's fairly useless. I've seen excerpts from several older manuals, 1995 - 1999, and they actually had useful info. The 95 manual, for instance, had a full page on the fuel tank and why it held more fuel than was useable. 

The reason I want/need one is I'm a newbie to RV's and to diesels. I'm not even sure of the correct startup or shutdown procedures. I have a feeling it's somewhat more involved than my car. Turn key, start motor, drive. Put the car in park and turn off the key. Done!

If any of y'all have a digital copy of a 1995 to 1999 Diplomat owners manual that I can get a copy of, I would forever be in your debt.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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 We have the same coach, 1999 38a Diplomat and we have the owners manual. I could possible print a copy for you if you would like. I actually found a 2000 owners manual on line that I downloaded and printed out. We will be at the gathering next month and would bring a copy. Let me know, thanks. 

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