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Looking for a Sunstrand Hyd Pump

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I have a 96 Dynasty with a Cummins 8.3 C and am in need of a Sunstrand Hyd. Pump #20161 with a Back Housing # 40988.

Current pump past the rebuilding stage. 

Monaco and REV haven't been much help. Possibly someone knows of a pump gathering dust somewhere. 

Thanks in advance.

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Most comunitys have hydraulic and pump sales and rebuilder 's.

Every farm equipment dealer and construction company sends pumps out to be rebuilt or exchanged.


I never tell them its for a rv 

Call all the local john deere and case ih or construction companies and ask for leads.


I have a guy in Winchester and Somerset Kentucky that can do it all .


Visone is another monaco source.

Over north of London Kentucky 


I have no idea where your located but make some calls.



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Check in your area for a Hydraluic rebuild shop.  They should be able to cross reference the pump and supply a replacement, it may not be a Sundstrand brand pump but should get you going.  In a lot of cases the technicians are more then willing to help even if it is for an RV.  I live within a mile of a shop that I used all the time when working in the mining industry.  When I had a problem with my cooling system thermovalve I went and talked to him and he provided me with some info to help diagnose the problem.  I also go there when I need a hose/fitting for my tractor/backhoe. 

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jacwjames is right. You might want to check with your local Hydraulic Repair Shop for a pump that can be substituted for your original Pump. I did that for my 2003 Signature and it worked out just fine 

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