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Help reading schematics

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Does anybody have a better copy of this page?

I just cannot read it. The writing is blurry. 

This is the schematic for the Video Coach Monitor 

Bus Tap and Joystick with VCM100. Plasma & Rear TV Standard. 

2003 Monaco signature 


Thank you 


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I am no longer getting video to my Sony monitor. The monitor is good, I bought another one and it does the same thing. I get sound, just no video. 

I was looking for a work around and trying to find what the outputs are on the video monitor but cannot read them as the writing is so small it blurs together. 

It is prevalent on other things as well in the drawings. Didn’t know if there was a clearer version anywhere. 

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Thank you for the ideas and pics. 

Winter project so I will follow up down the road when complete. I like some of the adapters that rvcams sells. That might be my ticket. 

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