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Newsletter Update and Alternative

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Invsion had a system update this week that "broke" the Newsletters app.  Once again, I'm working with the developer to correct this, but sometimes it takes several days for her to respond. 

Apologies if you received multiple copies of the newsletter yesterday; the site crashed and when it was started up, it decided to send all the backlogged copies of the newsletter... to some (?) people?

The newsletter app is shut down until we can get it corrected.  Apology in advance: In the coming days, you may get multiple copies as we try to rebuild the app and test it. There's no way to test it without sending out an actual newsletter.


In the meantime, here is the closest alternative to the newsletter:

  • Click on "Activity" at the top of the page (desktop) or in the dropdowm menu (mobile)
  • Select "My Activity Streams" on the sub-menu
  • Click "Create New Stream"
  • Give the new stream a title such as "Monacoers Update"
  • Leave everything the way it is, except change the "Within the Last XXX days" to 1 (or 1 week, or a different number if you prefer) days


  • SAVE the new content stream.  This will take you to a new page, with the new stream showing at the top.  Click "send me email updates" and pick a delivery time that corresponds to the time you selected in step #5 (daily, weekly, etc.)


  • You now will get updates periodically as requested.

This is a bit more work, buy will give you basically the same content as the newsletter on a daily or weekly (that will be a huge email) basis.


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