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Has anyone had a problem with their turn signals and hazards just stop working. 
I have a 2006 Monaco Dynasty Diamond iv and our last excursion the turn signals stopped working so I tried the hazards and they didn’t work either so I tested the flasher and didn’t have power going to it so I checked the turn signal switch and found no power there. Does it someway connect to the smart wheel module. Any body had this problem before.  

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Many times when you have a turn signal or tail light issue it's caused by the trailer tail light connector wiring.  Inside the rear electrical run box (just to the right of the engine) is a 3 to 2 wire tail light converter.  It is used to convert the separate tail light/turn signal on your coach to a combined tail light turn signal on a trailer.   Check this converter and the wiring down to the 7-way trailer tail light receptacle.  

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