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HWH Air Solenoids RAP-1940 plus O-rings

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I bought these air solenoids as spares... just in case.  Still in "new-in-box".  Also have some HWH o-ring kits., and  read somewhere about o-ring sizes which go on these solenoids, so also bought 3 kits of twenty from the o-ring store.   If interested, please let me know.

 Rick Pasetto (rpasetto@yahoo.com)

HWH RAP-1940 Solenoids (qty 2)



HWH O-Ring Kits RAP 6554 (qty-2)






O ring sets from the O ring store :  V75019, V75028 and V75015





Unlabeled o ring set - HWH, I think










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On 2/8/2023 at 5:54 PM, ktloah said:

What kind of money are you asking for the solenoids?

The Solenoids, three HWH O-ring kits, and the extras from the  O-ring DStore cost me about $300 when I bought them, not including shipping.


I'm asking $250

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