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Bill and Rex

Dan Lane

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When I bought my 2001 Diplomat in 2006, I knew nothing about motor coaches.  I had a job that took me all over the country and this was so much better than a motel.  Some time after that, I was put in contact with Bill and he answered a lot of my early questions.  Sometime after that, he passed me along to Rex.  It was Rex who sent a very detailed winterizing checklist to me, and, when I needed new tires in 2008, he told me that the placard that Monaco posted behind the driver's seat had the wrong size, they actually needed to be larger.  I still have that checklist and when i replaced the tires a year ago, i made sure i went with Rex's recommendation again 

i think it was two or three years ago that I had a problem and tried to call both, and found out we had lost both of them.  I never met them, but had a phone and email relationship with them.  So, wherever you guys are, thanks for getting me started the right way.

Dan Lane

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