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Leaking Step Cover Air Ram

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When I close my Step Cover I can hear a significant air leak for a while. It appears to be coming from the ram rod that pushes the step cover in and out (the end nearest the door). It only leaks when the step cover is in, not when it is out.

I have noticed that my air system leaks over time, but I have never been able to find a leak under the coach. Perhaps this is one of the contributors to the leak.

Anyone know where I can get a replacement for the Air Ram (I'm not sure of the correct term, Air Ram is my term).

Here are a few pics for reference. I also noticed that there is nothing attaching the other end of this Air Ram (deep inside the pocket). Is this normal?

I have a 2001 Monaco Dynasty Queen MH.



USN Retired






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I have had the same leak a couple of years ago and temporarily 'fixed' it by spraying wd40 into the airlines, past the Mac valve and then exercising it. If someone remembers the vacuum operated wipers in 50's vehicles, the maintenance fix was to wet the seals with brake fluid. Anyways, on mine I have noticed what looks like access to the mount from underneath, above generator but did not need to confirm it yet since the previous wetting of cylinder insides still works.

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