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Backup camera

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Hey guys, brand new to forum and just bought rv , 99 monoco executive, backup camera power comes on when turned on and when put in reverse, screen comes on but no picture, does it need replaced and if so best recommend, thanks for any suggestions 

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Do you have side cameras that work or just the backup camera?  
You need to determine if its the camera or its connection.
If the side cameras work, then you need to check for a failed connection to the backup camera. Hopefully you will find it in the dash area. It could be as simple as it came unplugged.   
On my 2002 Signature, my backup camera did not work when I purchased it.  I tried hooking up a new camera to the original cameras wire. It didn’t work either.  I checked the camera connections in the dash-they were fine.  I then started tracing the wire to the back camera. That’s the difficult part. Eventually I found a break in the wire and spliced it. 
Your other option is to buy a new wireless camera setup.  That’s probably the best solution as the new cameras have much better resolution and are easy to install. 
Good Luck,


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Reach out to Tim @rvcams.com.  he's very helpful w issues like these.  

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