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Custom Basement Tray with TV, Freezer/Fridge, & Grill

Paul J A

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The pantry shelves self organized them selves thru use. Best interior upgrade we did.  Best exterior upgrade was the Custom Built Basement tray.

1500 Lb. capacity at full extension. Secured latching at 12" intervals. The corian work surface was portable so we used it as a serving tray.Complete utilization of the entire basement bay. TV, Combination Freezer/Fridge/ , Grill on drawer slides, that could be removed and uses as desired. Storage on the entire left half.  We full timed 10 years, and the small basement bay was 1/2 empty. The coach was a 07 Executive we ordered, Daneli IIIR. No front curbside slide. Always in the way, and uses valuable patio space. Basement access was great with panorama doors parking vertically.

20007 Exec Exterior 009.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 014.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 017.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 015.JPG

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