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Coolant capacity

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So all of these differ, in my cummins manual that came with my white box of all its other manuals gave a spec that said my 8.3 holds 11.5 quarts. That does not include the radiator or any other things connected to the cooling system. When i replaced all my  radiator i had bought a case of coolant (6 gallons) and equil amt of distilled water, i believe i ended up with just a little over a gallon left over.

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9 hours ago, JustaRamble said:

  First time MH owner here. How much antifreeze should my 2000 HR Ambassador with 5.9L hold in its system?


Forgive me for chuckling.  The usual response is to download or look in your owner's manual.....which I did.  It has a world of good info there with many part numbers for items that others spend days chasing down as well as info on adjusting and whatever.  However, much to my surprise....NO COOLANT (initial fill) Capacity.  As I was scrolling up from the bottom of the chassis section, I got into the interior.  I KNOW that you will be pleased to know every pillow and every color and where used as well as the fiber mix and content of the Throw Pillows.  What a wealth of info...  LOL.  

Others will help you....

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3 hours ago, tmw188 said:

Funny stuff Tom Cherry but isn’t that about right. 
this Compleat how is that with the older Cummins? I have heard issues with some sensors maybe?


When I had to have my radiator changed in 2015 the Cummins shop manager recommended the ES Compleat, said I never have to worry about it again.  He had worked for me as Maintenance Superintendant and was a very sharp guy, I took him for his word.  That's what they recommended and from the flyer Cummins puts out it looks pretty good.  https://www.cumminsfiltration.com/eme/hybrid

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