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fuel solenoid relay 1998 Windsor

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If you have the Cummins 8.3 engine and are referring to the fuel cutoff solenoid, it is on the curbside, more to the front than the rear.  Down in the vicinity of the throttle linkage, but inboard, a bit higher, and more forward. 

If it's not working, it's possible to throw it in and out by hand - reaching down and pushing up and pulling down on the linkage.

If it needs replacing, it's not a horrible job to do yourself - but make sure you get the right part.

Here is the information that was given to me - really helpful.

Jeff Huntingon

I have a 1998 Windsor and I have changed the fuel cut off solenoid and it was not a really big job. I went through the same thought process that you did…went to Cummings and they wanted $400 for the part and I actually bought one. (carried it back and they gave me grief but finally took it) It did come with a new Mounting bracket. They did want big bucks to install it. So I looked around for another source and found one in my own back door. Diesel Equip Co right here in Greensboro, NC. They wanted $ 50 bucks for the exact replacement and no mounting bracket. The solenoid is a stand alone item and there is no relay involved.
The solenoid is in a hard place to get to and you have to stand on the motor under the bed. You won’t need your glasses because it is all done by feel, but If I remember correct, an 8mm socket is the only wrench that you need…just unplug the connector to the existing unit remove a couple of 8mm mounting bolts and reverse. The first time may take a little longer but now that I know where it is, I could probably do the job in less than one hour.
The part number is in the parts list and I don’t remember what it is…the people at Diesel Equip are very helpful and I suggest you give them a call if it is not clear in the parts list.
I was at a Flying J when I could not crank the MH and I went to the cutoff and held it up with my hand while the wife cranked the coach. It stayed up and I drove the MH home and changed it out there.
I hope this gives you a little confidence to do it yourself, If not get the part and take the MH to a local mechanic and they will probably do it for one hour labor

The solenoid in connected to a lever with a hitch pin clip ( no fuel lines are involved at all)... just pull the pin and remove the old unit. I looked at mine since last night and the socket is a 10mm. No there should be no adjustment necessary on the new unit. Just be sure that it is operating without binding but I don't think that you have anything to worry about with that but it is worth a look after you install the new unit.

So here it is: Remove two mounting bolts (10mm socket), remove the wiring connector to the relay (easy), remove the hitch pin clip to the lever to the fuel pump.... you are done... reverse order to put in new one.

Good luck and I certainly do not mind answering your questions.



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Hello wrw166, I am still very new to the RV world. I purchased a really nice 1996 Monaco Dynasty...that ran really well for a couple weeks. (we've never really went anywhere yet) Now it will not start or rather it starts and then dies every time. If I manually depress the fuel control solenoid and jump it at the starter it will start and run all day...saying that, I'm pretty convinced it's the Trekmate Anti-Theft System. Having a 1998 Monaco, I was wondering if you might have some documentation or advise. I'm not able to find anything relative to the wiring of the anti-theft system, my goal is to disable it. Thanks, Gregg

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My earlier starting problem has been resolved. This is what I learned:

The ignition switch provides power to fuse 1front fuse panel. which was blown

This provides power to rear panel re-settable fuse block. 6th down

Providing power availability to fuel solenoid   "Run circuit"

"start relay" is one and same with starter solenoid which engages the starter AND FUEL SOLENOID

Ignition off kills the run circuit

As the fuel solenoid begins to fail (Short) it overheats the breaker; which the resets. Many times. Before total failure and possible blown fuse #1.

It is my belief that if you have these warnings your fuel solenoid is "GOING' very common.

Carry spare fuse; spare breaker; spare fuel shut off solenoid

Hope this helps in your case 













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