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We purchased a lifetime membership to Passport America and they give us a free year for friend or family. We don't have any friends or family that camp, so figured I I would offer it to someone here. I think who ever responds first would be the fair way to do it.

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Thank you Kitty, but I have to admit. We have owned our coach for 4 years now and purchased in the hopes of traveling when we retire. I am a member of several RV sites and a couple of groups that are Monaco only. I don't post a lot but read everything I can to educate myself from everyone else's experiences. I am not educated enough on motorhome matters YET to give answers to people that have questions on certain things. This is my way of giving back and saying thank you for the help on crazy questions I have had in the past and for the free education.

So this really is just a trade off.


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