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Adjustable Safe-T-Plus


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History: Previous owner put a Safe T + on my Navigator but after 4000 miles I disconnected it. Under perfect conditions (level road and no wind) it worked fine but any crosswinds it made driving tiring as you had to fight it. I decided I would not use it unless I could change/adjust the center point on the fly. Too cheap to buy a $600 air activated adjustable mount so I made my own.

Bought a 4", 1350lb 12V linear actuator ($54 EBay) and it might be that strong in compression but not in tension. Added a 12” adjustable arm to the mounting plat that bolts to the axle with a 3 to 1 leverage advantage...41-230 should have 230 lbs of force so only 76 lbs of force on the actuator.  Silicon sealed all the openings on the actuator since it’s going to get wet... first picture. Mounting a $6 DTDP switch on the steering column that will let be move the center point L-R as necessary. Total cost less than $70. Time will tell how well the actuator will hold up.



Update, after 6,000 miles I make more fine adjustments...several in an hour as conditions or direction change. If I have to keep making slight steering inputs in the same direction over several miles I’ll bump the switch in that direction which is normally enough to equalize things.

Overall I’m glad I spent the time (not a lot of money) to make it adjustable as I would have removed it otherwise. I’ve learned to not oversteer my MH... mainly giving steering inputs slightly longer to take affect, which in my opinion, is all a Safe-T-Plus does by tightening the nut behind the wheel.

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