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Replace stacking washer dryer '04 Signature

Bruce B

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Hi Everyone, I have a 2004 Signature Chateau 4 and my washing machine bearing is sounding like it is wearing out.  It is the original stacked combo washer-dryer from Whirlpool.  The dryer is fine so I am looking for a replacement washer or, if necessary, to replace the combo.  The washer is a Whirlpool model LCR5232 HQ1 #VLM5011629.  This was a compact unit for its day and measures 22 1/4 depth, 33 3/4 height and 22 1/4 width.  It is a top loader.  Has anyone found replacement stacking units that fit into the original closet of their signature and if so what models were they?

I have tried finding parts for the bearing but they are long discontinued by Whirlpool.

Thanks for any advice.


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Thanks everyone.  Currently Whirlpool does not make a unit of the same dimensions.  The Splendide stackers are a good idea when I exhaust replacing just the washer.  There is a Blomberg unit that is 23 5/8" in width so its very close while the other dimensions work.  This winter when set-up I may pull the washer and see if I can match the bearing from another source otherwise replace the both units.


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Hi Paul,

Yes, every chance I get but it seems they are building the cabinet to fit their choice of machines.  The ones I have looked at are all larger than what I have, I think it is a trend.

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Have you checked with a bearing house? Very unusual for a bearing to be designed and manufactured for just THAT application. Seems strange that you can not find one. What type is it?  Cross reference part #??  Try https://www.bdiexpress.com/

Funny story. We ordered a new 07 Executive with full size washer and dryer, with a floor plan from a 06 model. The 06 floor plan utilized a Splendide Combo which was installed in a wardrobe style cabinet to the right of the King bed.  Well, we got a call from Monaco and they said the Full sized washer and dryer would not fit in the wardrobe style cabinet. I said, put them in the rear closet, curbside like they were doing in the Signature at that time. They said, what do you want us to do with the Wardrobe cabinet? I said, make it a wardrobe cabinet. More storage, as we were full timing. Pictures attached. Sometimes you win one, temporarily. F Y I, we installed drawer slides on all the shelves in the coach. That's why the shelf appears as it is.

Paul A

2007 Exec Interior 039.JPG

2007 Exec Interior 041.JPG

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Thanks Paul,

I agree, a bearing is a bearing.  I am certain there is a way to replace the bearing and put it back together.  I would go this route but my wife just wants new units!

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