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Ogden Diesel Sales & Service


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I had a very satisfactory experience with this shop on Ogden UT. We were traveling from NM to OR and developed a loud engine squeal, along with a serious lack of boost pressure, and decided to get it looked at right away. I called them Tuesday late afternoon and were in their shop for troubleshooting at 1 pm Wednesday. Turns out I needed a new turbo-compressor and also had an exhaust manifold leak along with several CAC leaks. When we finally located parts for the turbo replacement the first two sent were the wrong part (not this shop's fault!). The shop dealt with this frustration with patience and humor and made sure we were able to stay in our coach the entire week we were there (two nights dry in their parking lot and five in a nice campground less than a mile away). The third part was the charm and they had us out of there in just a few hours. They are an open shop so we stayed with the coach the whole time when we weren't out and about.  They communicated professionally and timely.  Their charges were reasonable and I recommend them for anyone with engine troubles in the Ogden/Salt Lake area. They are a Certified Cummins sales and service center.

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On 6/12/2020 at 11:35 AM, David Pratt said:

Give me the full Name, address and contact information and I will post it in our vendors section.

Sorry about that. It is:

Ogden Diesel 

1212 West Wilson Lane

Ogden, UT 84401


Manager's name is Shea


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