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PPV Info - ID? - 2012 Diplomat 43 ft

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Does anyone know where I might find the PPV in the attached photo.  I know REV has it for $60, but I am not inclined to give them any money since they don’t support our models any longer.  

The valve is about 1 1/2 inches in height and 1 1/2 in diameter.  It is marked “D11”.  It looks very similar to the Hendrickson VS-38941.  I tried to email Hendrickson, but they don’t allow “free email” addresses.  First I’ve ever heard of that.  I will try to call them on Monday. 




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Most folks pull out the part, take it to an OTR (Tractor Trailer Supplier or Distributor) and they cross and match up.  That is what my OTR shop does for all air parts…Wabco and Relief valves.  Find all the specs….but the counter guy will do it also….

BUT….unless someone can give you the correct aftermarket PN and they have more info, you might want to go with the REV.  If there is NO specs or PN and the D11 or maybe D1.1 is not enough info to identify or check specs….  Why risk it?

BUT if these are “non vehicle specific” and all are rated the same….then it doesn’t matter…

Probably the latter…but I’d make sure that i knew what i had and what i needed.  Hendrickson will not, most likely, be able to tell you that their PN is the same as the “No Name” one you have a picture of…..is there any other markings or such?

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