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Where is my Coolant Temperature Sensor?

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Hello, so i started up my RV, and everything seemed to work the same as normal. then, as temperature was rising, i noticed my engine/radiator temperture meter (C to H) was flickering back and forth, from cold to the approximate temperature it is now.

im driving down the road, to see if it would "resolve itself" and behold.... it flickers around a few times and then goes below the C, and now has a BUZZING "high temperture" light that has come on. suggesting that im overheating it.

But im not, i brought it back home, parked it. let it sit overnight, and once again, it still says the engine is overheating. when its ice cold.

Where is the correct sensor on my 1996 Monaco Windsor RV? it has the C8.3-275 engine. i went to the Cummins Quick site, and it doesnt give me any information about it.

im lost. please help

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i found it, it was on a fitting that was on the back (connecting to the transmission) but not connected to the block, its connected the heater hoses that go to the front of the cab.

changed it, alternator bracket was broken, so the chassis was getting uneven negatives. and even with the new sensor, it still says "HIGH TEMPERATURE" 

soooooo...... im stuck. 

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16 hours ago, Ivan K said:

I don't know your sensor but does it have 2 leads by a chance? Like oil pressure sensors, one might be for the gauge  with variable resistance and one for the dumb light. If reversed, it would cause problematic readings.

Good point.
Also check to be sure the block it's mounted in is properly grounded, as well as make sure you didn't use too much teflon tape or sealer on the sender.

Only put tape on the first couple threads, so the remaining threads can make good contact with the block.

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