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2009 Knight kitchen slide problem

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The front end of the kitchen slide out has dropped about 1/2 inch, but the real bad part is, the bar at the back of the slide is starting to dig into the plywood under the flooring .  So. in reality it is kinda tilted downward.  Any ideas on what to do?

Thanks for your help?

Ralph Umana

Palmetto, fl

2009 Knight

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It needs to be re-adjusted. Your mechanical ability will determine if this is something you can do yourself or not. IMO, it's something left to the professionals. Regardless, it will take a couple strong arms and some equipment to get in back into place and adjusted correctly......Dennis

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Take it to Talin RV in Brooksville, FL. 352-942-2653

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I am guessing this slide is the galley slide and is a raised floor slide. On your coach you will have 2 different slide types, a flush floor and a raised floor. It could be many things - broken roller, side of slide has detached from  sidewall, rotted or collapsed slide floor , broken slide assembly. If it is a flush floor then the 2 culprits we see most often is a rotted slide corner or the slide mechanism underneath is loos or broken. It is real hard to diagnose without seeing it.

If it is a raised floor and has a broken roller or a roller that is out of adjustment then that presents more issues as these rollers are placed in different locations. It could be a standard roller or an inverted roller. it could be floor mounted or inverted and mounted to a steel frame and accessed only from under the sofa, kitchen cabinets, etc. Some can be repaired with the slide left in place and others have to have the slide removed from the coach. Some are adjusted from the side of the slide and others adjusted from the wheel well or basement.

Dustin, my tech is one of the best slide guys in the country. His specialty is slide repair and he does a lot of them every month as we have customers come in from all over the country to have him work on them. We are not very far from you ( 60 miles ) so if you want to bring it up we can take a look at it.

Call Amy, my director at - 352-942-2653 and tell her we spoke here.  She should be able to get you in right away. To prevent further damage I suggest putting the slide in and not operating it till it is looked at. We just repaired a slide whose owner kept using his slide when he had known issues and caused several hundred dollars in further damage to the assembly.

I wish I could help you more but there are so many things that could be the problem it is hard to determine without seeing it. I do not want to provide the wrong information or send you on a wild goose chase. I hope you understand.

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