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Intellitec Big Boy Battery Disconnect Relay 200 Amp


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Does the 2004 Camelot (40) PST use the Big Boy battery cut off relay. I have found the KIB LR8906 latching relay. Which at this point is NOT passing power thru.  Both of the small terminals have 12+ volts on them as wired now. The problem started when I moved the motor home and reconnected 30 amp shore power. The Intellitec display showed that 30 amps were present, BUT the display also showed "GEN SET" (led lit) the window had a new display. It showed "rf".  The generator was NOT running! For reasons I can't explain I started the generator, at that point the display went out! Now I do not have any 12V power in the coach. Yesterday when this happened the Aladdin display went out. Today it is back working. but showing house batteries at"00" volts. actual measured voltage is above 13 volts. The inventor is working and is also charging the house batteries. I teh FRB (door on driver side) the main fuse and relay board has voltage on the "non-switch" side but nothing on the "Switch" side. hinse the question is this the only battery cutoff relay on my Camelot?

I do hope this makes sense one of the Monaco GURUs !

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Found the problem! The Salesman switch relay was bad. It had failed in the open position. I had ordered a replacement, but when I saw the pictures and post by Gary Mathis on this forum (thank you Gary). I removed the bad relay. I will return the replacement relay to Amazon .  That saves $77.47 and any future problems with that "F"ing switch!

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