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New Tail Lights Old ones available!

Dennis H

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Well, I got my replacement tail lights and installed them today. Bigger chore than I imagined. New tail lights said "easy install, plug and play" . I think it was written by a salesman. Anyway, the new ones are in. I had to cut off the top tabs, remove the mounting pins, tap the holes for a 1/4" stud. I made my own studs out of a piece of stainless rod I had in the workshop. There were a couple other cuts I had to make to the tail lights before I could attempt the install. Guess what 'almost fit'.! Out came the Dremel and the Multi=Tool. I hacked off the necessary fiberglass on the rear cap to make them fit properly. Install was pretty easy from there on out. Project is complete.

The original tail lights on the 05 Executive are from a 1999-2002 Lincoln Navigator. However, they are aftermarket tail lights made by TYC which no longer makes them. Since they are TYC specific, other brands will fit, but only after modifications. That said, I have 3/4 of a set of TYC tail lights that are in good condition. The 'trunk lid' left side is cracked but the tail lights and the right side trunk lid unit are fine. I hate to throw them away as I looked far and wide for just the trunk piece before biting the bullet and replacing the entire set.  Anyone who has an 05 in need of or want of, these tail lights can have them FREE, just pay for shipping.




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