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Magnum Sealand Opus 3110 Compatible Controller (Part number 385310887) - Now Available

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Replacement controller boards are now available for the Magnum Sealand Opus 3110 electronic toilet! This is Part number 385310887.

This board has been unavailable for over 10 years and many of the boards are starting to fail in different ways. Symptoms of a failing/failed control board are motors not turning on, flappers staying open, slow motor movement and other errors. The original boards have a conformal coating on them that makes troubleshooting and repair less straightforward than uncoated boards.

The replacement is a new design and incorporates a display to show the state of the controls in plain English text and the status rather than the row of status LED's. It also uses a motor control chip rather than mechanical relays so there are no moving parts to wear out.

The new controller is plug compatible with the two types of boards that were used: One with the two switches on the left, and the one with a switch at each end of the top of the board.

NW RV Supply is now carrying them.  http://www.nwrvsupply.com/product/385310887AM.html

Some discussion and user feedback is available here: 


In recognition of the help and support offered by so many here, there is special Monacoers pricing available if you PM me direct through this forum.


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Our failed toilet controller has taken me on a journey I would never have expected!

Our original model controller has helped over 50 RV Owners to keep their Magnum Sealand Opus in operation. When I started this project by making one to replace our failed controller I had no idea that it would be of use to so many people.

There continues to be demand for these controllers so I have developed Version 2.0 of the controller. I have been able to reduce the depth of the controller by incorporating a smaller display and I now use flexible hooks to mount it over the edge of the back of the toilet to address some installation issues when there is a cabinet very close to the top of the back of the toilet. The enclosure is now made of ABS to be more tolerant of extreme temperatures and liquids. The majority of the components are now surface mount.

The new design is also compatible with 24V systems that are often installed on boats. (I am hoping to find the first customer with a 24V system so that I can verify correct operation with them)

The controller still has the same plug-compatible connectors and is available with extension cables, a screwdriver to remove the security screws on the connectors, and replacement flapper limit switches are also available if yours have failed and you need to replace yours. 

On the limit switches, I have found that the new controller has fixed many users' issues with limit switches. The ability to exercise the flapper and make sure it is clean around the flapper has brought toilets back to life without having to remove the toilet and replace the switches.

We continue to offer these with a 30 day money back guarantee, a 12 month warranty, and support.

Thanks for the support from everyone here!



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I purchased one of these controllers from Paul a few months back, and it is an excellent product.  My 2001 vintage Magnum Opus Model 3010 was regrettably headed to the trash until I installed one of Paul's magic black boxes.  Now, with reliable controls, maintenance functions and new seals, my Opus staying right where it is.  

Great Job and thanks for all the help!!





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