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06 cayman refuses to start

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Hi to the greater knowledge.

our 06 cayman 36PDQ has decided to not start.

The starter motor is good and have good voltage throughout the bus,

the ignition switch is also good.

I’ve checked all fuse and relay’s I can find but am stumped why she won’t go.

Any ideas?


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hi guys,

if I bridge the starter motor it turns no problem, just nothing on the key.

there's a feed coming from the ignition key but it just doesn't make it the rear.

been at it for 2 days and don't seem to be getting anywhere.

were full time aswell.



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Mike, if you have a rear start switch in the engine compartment try starting the coach from there with the ignition key on. I had the same problem as you are dealing with now and it was the front/rear switch in the engine compartment. That was the problem. 

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48 minutes ago, Cayman51 said:

Does anyone know where the neutral lockout relay is ?

wiring diagram says front distribution box but can’t 

Typically it should be just like any other automotive bosh relay but I can't tell you where. I would guess you have a bunch of them there up front (but mine is in the engine room near a smaller start solenoid), could you possibly trace it by wire color from the diagram?

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