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No Tails or Marker Lights

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57 minutes ago, thompson_skip said:

After a repair we were late leaving and discovered I had no taillights or marker lights. Headlights work, emergency flashers work, turn signals work just no taillights on coach or on toad. Any suggestions?  Our coach is a 2003 Monaco Dynasty. Thanks 

Pull your prints.  The power to your rear lights may be fed into relays.  You may have separate relays for every function.  The front signals come back to,the RRB, then there is a full 12 VDC source to each relay.  So the bulbs have an “independent” voltage.  If the wires from a headlight switch or a turn signal were run all the way back, the volatge would be so low and they would be dim.  If you lost the power input to these relays….no JUICE.  But, if someone disconnected the chassis harness to the rear…no control or signal voltage.

I would go back to the shop and say….you broke it…you fix it.  It was working before you “fixed whatever”, now fix what you broke…. And that ain’t on my nickel….but be nice….

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Thanks Tom, but the repair was for a fuel leak. A plug had loosened up and was leaking.  The repair guy didn’t mess with any wires. 

I’m wondering if it could be a problem with the ignition switch or the light switch?  We put the coach in storage while we home for a few days so I’m where I can’t work on it for a few days. 

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