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HELP! In need of a 1/2" -14 NPT Gauge and sender kit

Eric M

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Hey folks, looking for a 1/2" -14 NPT coolant temperature sender and gauge kit. the one on my RV busted, i bought a new sender, but it still throws this light of "High Water Temp"  even with changing the wire to the dash. 

So, im looking to replace everything. unplug this one, let it sit at "C" and attach a separate gauge for this. 


anyone else do this? know of the part to buy?

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I've had good luck with Auto-Meter gauges on my racecars.

They're accurate, reasonably priced, and they make numerous different series gauges, so you may be able to find one that looks similar to your original, and will fit in the same hole.

As far as the sender, most are 1/8 or 1/4 npt.  Auto-Meter makes adapters to fit many other size ports, 1/2 npt among them.

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