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Who needs Lithium anyway

Ray Davis

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I found this to be interesting and thought ya'll might too.

Old West Virginia Steel Mill Becomes a Green-Energy Powerhouse (msn.com)

"Form Energy landed on iron, which is plentiful, cheap and nonflammable. That allows the company to build hefty battery modules the size of a washer-dryer set. Packed together in enclosures resembling shipping containers, the batteries can discharge power for about four straight days—far longer than the standard four-hour discharge capability of lithium-ion batteries.

Each battery contains roughly 50 one-meter-tall cells made up of iron and air electrodes that enable the reactions that store and discharge electricity. The battery takes in oxygen and converts iron to rust. The process produces electricity. When electricity is plentiful, it is used to reverse the process and turn rust back into iron, releasing oxygen."

Hum, turns rust back into iron.  🎯

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