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How do I delete a posting in motorhomes for sale?


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1 hour ago, Dennis H said:

PM a mod is the easiest way. That said, I hope they answer your question on here....congrats..always nice to know another family gets to enjoy what you've given up. Enjoy the Dynasty....Dennis

Thank you Dennis! And yes the couple that bought it is in their mid 70s and had a fifth wheel but for health reasons they wanted a class a and one that was well built. They said they looked at other manufacturers  class a pushers and none were as well built and cared for as this one for the same price. Said it was a no brainer 

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9 hours ago, ken.knutson100 said:

We sold our Camelot but how do I delete the posting from the classifieds on this site? 

Ken, et. al., 

It took me a bit to figure this out, but members cannot delete posts. Just send a note to a moderator and we’ll delete it for you.

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