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Finding real old posts?


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A good while ago a member posted his experience with Navarro Brothers. He had his entire coach plus a cargo trailer repainted a single light color. 

I'm looking for that post or the person who had it done. Searching this site hasn't helped. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, please direct me if I am.

Terry F 

03 HR Imperial PWD 


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You're not doing anything wrong.  My son and I are working to import the message database from the Yahoo group.  It's quite a large undertaking, with over 263,000 messages, and is taking longer than hoped. (We are both volunteers 🙂).  

Meanwhile, I'll try to find that post and post it here...

Terry, let me know if this is what you were looking for.  It's a string of about 30 messages, but here's one that gives details:


Joe B:


And I copied this off of Escappees web site:

"We had our motorhome painted in Los Algodones almost 3 years ago by Navarro's. Its a paint shop owned by two brothers named Enrique and Socorro. Its located at "A" Ave and 8th Ave - you go across the border, one block straight ahead to "A" Ave, turn right, and go about 7 or 8 blocks to 8th. Their phone numbers are 011-52 (658) 517-7746 in Mexico, or (928) 343-2750 in the U.S. (the U.S. number may no longer work).

We were very pleased with the work they did on our 36' Class A motorhome. For around $4500 they stripped off the old, cracked decals, sanded the entire body, put on 4 different color coats, and 3 clear coats. They promised completion in 3 weeks. While prepping the body, they discovered that some repair work we had done in California to one of the storage bay doors was failing - the bondo was coming off. They stripped off all of the old bondo, and reapplied new. Not only did they finish the job 10 days ahead of schedule, but they didn't charge us any extra for the repair work to our storage bay door.

When finished, the coach had a very nice high-gloss finish, and 3 years later it still has a glossy finish (you can see other RV's or nearby buildings reflected in it like a mirror). We know at least one other RVer who took his Dolphin to them and was very pleased with the results - we saw his coach in Arizona last winter and it looked great.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do."

Google Navarro Brothers, Los Algodones mexico and you will find lots of info.

Rich O.


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