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Update - Reading Forums from the Newsletter

Scotty Hutto

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Hello Everyone,

The most common complaint we’ve gotten (at least once a day 🤦🏻‍♂️) has been the inability to click on a link in the Newsletter and read the related content on the forum. 

As of today, I’ve reconfigured the site to allow you to click on a link in the Newsletter and read content on the site without the added step of logging in. Hopefully this will improve everyone’s experience with the site. 

Please continue to share your comments and suggestions about the site. We continue to grow and have added a lot of members since the beginning of May. 

Two items I’m still working on...

1. Sorting the Newsletter by topic (so all posts in a thread appear together.)

2. Adding the massive database of messages from Bill D’s Yahoo group. This has become a science project. 😂. Anyone with database experience that wants to chime in and help would be greatly appreciated. 😉

Keep on motorhoming!


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