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05 Diplomat entry step replacement


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Time to replace the entire entry step on our 2005 Diplomat. Road shrapnel  did a number to the step assembly. Already was experiencing control issues. My guy says cheaper to do a complete R&R  vs. trying to piece it together.  "Coach Step SCS/Frigette" double step, P/N 733-0001. Lippert  couldn't match the P/N, asking for more info. Before I go crawling around looking for more info thought maybe somebody has already done the crawl. Appreciate any help

Drew S

05 Dip 40PAQ

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To me, nothing seems to me as solid to step on as the old SCS Frigette.  At some point in the future, I may have to look for or make a compatible regulator gear as some teeth are wearing. The side glides can be easily replaced.  The doorman replacement motors use a cheap plastic housing that needs caution when replacing, but at least have a lifetime warranty.



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