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Motosat HD: Worth anything???

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Hi All,

I just got done removing a fully functional Motosat HD and Nomad controller from the roof of the rig. We cut the cable years ago have no interest in ever having a satellite tv subscription.

Last I tried it in open sky it acquired just fine, but information on the RF Mogul website tells me the Nomad controller software will not find satellites reliably, and a $900 Eagle controller is required to keep it going.

Are these old dishes worth anything? It's carefully broken down into pieces and I could pack it into 3 reasonable size boxes, but shipping it would be a hassle and expensive.

Should I try selling it or put it in the scrap metal pile??? 




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Offer up, Craigslist, whatever is available in your area. Put a price of $25 bucks. You might get lucky. Otherwise maybe some boater nearby needs an anchor. Mine went in the dumpster as no one wanted it. I only give junk two weeks to sell before I scrap it.....Dennis

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