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Automatic email alerts

Frank McElroy

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I'm wondering if there is an option to automatically get email alerts on any new topic post without needing to go into a new discussion and select "follow" to get alerts.

Having that feature sure would be great so I would be able to get alerts on any new content.  Maybe it's a setting I missed.


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Frank and Scotty:  Been trying to figure a way to get the equivalent of the Yahoo Digest on this new site without going thru every forum and every post.  I like to keep abreast of things that are posted but have not found an easy way to do it.  If you hit the "follow" button on each topic you will get the entire post sent to you (as I understand it)  Is that correct or have you guys figured a "digest" way of getting the new info


bob L, 08 dynasty

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Hi Bob - welcome.  I also like to keep up with new posted information. 

I actually need to in order to capture info to update the parts list. 

I know Scotty is trying to find a setting to auto-follow all new post topics but in the meantime, I use two options. 

When you follow a category, if someone starts a new topic, you will get an alert.  You can then decide to follow the new topic of not.  Actually a great option for those that don't want to see alerts on a topics they have interest in.

The other option and actually I'm finding works better for me than the email alerts is to just go to the web site and on my smart phone anything new will have a black dot.  Easy then to click on and view. 

To make it easy, I put an icon on my smart phone screen.  When I click on it it brings me directly to monacoers.org and auto logs me in.  One thing I really like is no pop-up ads!

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Update:  After much searching, probing, and gnashing of the teeth, I finally broke down and reached out to the software developer that wrote the core program we use for the website.    Here is his response:


There is no means currently to do what you are looking for. You cannot automatically follow a topic, if you are following forum. It is an explicit opt-in process within the default software.

I’ve requested that be added as a new feature in a future release.  He’s adding it to the list, but I don’t have a timeline when it will come.  🤷🏻‍♂️

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Thanks Frank and Scotty.  I will use the "follow" method until perhaps a new update to the software is available.  Meanwhile, great to be on the new website.  Incidentally, I joined as a new member so I could use a different e mail address even though I have been a member for about 15 years.


Bob L, 08 dynasty

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Ok gang, trying to come up with a solution. We don’t have an email notification, but if you’re willing to try something new, this might give you what your looking for...

Download an RSS new reader app (I use Newsify, but that’s one of dozens, just search the App Store or google play store for “rss reader”) and subscribe to the “Test” feed at Monacoers.org.

I’ve set this up to send everything - all new posts, files, articles in a steaming format, similar to receiving sequential emails. If you click on a message, it takes you to that post on the website  

It feels very much like the content I received from emails, without the duplication...  and can be read from a phone, tablet, chrome book, or PC.  

I may be an old dog, but I can still learn a few new tricks...

I would appreciate your feedback... Below is an example showing unread items. You can also view “all” items (read and unread)


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