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How determine chassis model 2005 Windsor 38PDQ

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I need to find the model so I can get a Watts system but not sure where to get that information.  I sent a request to Monaco but no response yet!


Ken Lein

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I’m not sure what you’re needing, but go to the MonacoWatts.com site, get phone #, and call.  Your chassis is Air leveling, RR8S. I have the same year and model.
I’ve installed the front watts, and the rear cross braces (#CBK50 (50" Rear Cross Bar Kit).
I don’t have the front kit#, since I picked it up from Craig French at a Monacoers gathering.  One thing that determines which kit, is whether or not you have mounting brackets for jack leveling too.  That was an option and some came with the brackets.  Mine did not.
A call to Mike Hughes at Monacowatts should  clear up the front watts #.  Your cross brace measurements should be the same as mine.



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Yes, I did the front watts last year with good improvement.  Early this year, I added the cross braces and that was a big plus.  I’m not sure if it’s the combination, but I’m happy!

BTW, another must is steering gear adjustment.  But, only the TRW is adjustable, so if you have some steering wheel play while  sitting still, it is easily adjusted.  If you have the Shepherd gear, there is a TRW retrofit.

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